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B.Sc Home Science: Let You Understand Home Management Related Aspects



Home Science is an educational course where students learn to build a home or family life by using scientific knowledge and methods. It is a three-year full-time undergraduate program required the minimum qualification of 10+2. To be eligible for pursuing a bachelor degree in the respective domain, an individual needs to secure certain aggregate percentage. Those who are interested in pursuing their Home Science degree from a reputed institute, they can do enrollment for B.Sc Home Science college in Dehradun.


Major details associated with B.Sc Home Science:


Bachelor degree in Home Science comes with multiple opportunities for candidates. It provides a deep understanding associated with the workings and management of the houses. By the help of this educational program, candidates collect the knowledge related to society and implement them in providing better service to the people using their skills.


The program helps in enhancing the artful and creative skills of an individual. One can improvise their communication as well as develop the practical approach towards work. Candidates already having an in-built household management expertise with artistic visualization can perform better while pursuing the course. It can add an advantage if an individual will have a fundamental knowledge of lifestyle, diet, health, etc. Students can register for the best mass communication college in Dehradun as they provide an educational course like Home Science.


While pursuing a Home Science degree, candidates can get the opportunity to show their creativeness and logical skills. The topics that would be taught during the course include clothing, consumer education, sewing, interior design, food preservation, family relationships, etc.


Educational qualification required for B.Sc Home Science:


Candidates who aspire to get admission in the B.Sc. Home Science are required to clear their 10+2 exam in Science stream. People who already qualified the equivalent exam with having two major subjects such as Natural Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Physical Sciences are eligible to pursue a bachelor in Home Science.


Admission procedure:


There is not any entrance exam for obtaining admission into the bachelor Home Science educational program. Admission process completely depends based on the merit list prepared by the institute based on the score secured in the 10+2 level exam or any other qualification equivalent to it. The cut-off marks of different subjects vary according to the institute. To do registration for the course, one may download the application forms by accessing the official site of the institute. Students can avail forms directly from the institution. After filling the form, further details would be shared on email to the applicants. Interested candidates can apply for best mass communication college in Dehradun, they are also known for facilitating the Home Science courses.




Completing a bachelor degree in Home Science can let an individual apply for better job opportunities in several industries such as Food, Textiles, Nursing Homes, restaurants, counselors, etc. It is a field with better job opportunities and a satisfying salary package. Those who are interested in doing further studies can even go for masters.

Hotel Management: A Worthwhile Educational Degree


Due to globalization, the tourism and hospitality industry has been expanded to a greater extent. As India has become a popular tourist destination, the government is also emphasizing on investing in the sector. It is an important asset of the hospitality industry having a huge growth possibility in the upcoming future. Those who are interested in pursuing their career in the hospitality domain should either enroll for diploma or a degree course. Enrolling for the best BHM college in Uttarakhand can be an ideal choice as most of the recognized academic institutes are located there.


The requirement of hotel management experts has increased as the number of hotels keeps on increasing. It is an attractive career option with full of possibilities. Pursuing a career in hotel management is more exciting and attractive. The options available for these individuals are sales and marketing, food and beverage service, accounting, front office operation, and several others.


What kind of qualification required to pursue a degree in Hotel Management?


• To pursue a degree in the hotel management domain, the minimum qualification should be 10+2. According to the fee and duration of the course, an individual can either go for the certification, diploma or the degree course.


• It is better to go for either diploma that will have a duration of 1 year or go for the degree course having a duration of three years.


• Choosing the government approved colleges and institutes can be the best option as students will have to face the common entrance test organized in April every year. The test that would be conducted includes the objective questions associated with English, GK, Reasoning, and General Science.


What all personal attributes required to be a hotel management professional?


Candidates need to be smart and patient to work in the Hotel management domain. They should have excellent communications with strong interpersonal skills. A person should know the best methods to handle disputes and criticism. Politeness and cooperativeness can be considered as the most important asset of hotel industry professionals.


Job options available for the Hotel Management professionals:


As the hotel industry has several departments so an individual can work in the desired domain based on their interest. Some of the job openings available for the degree holders are as follows-


Lodging Managers


Lodging managers are responsible for taking care of the daily activities and make sure that guests are satisfied with the service. They hire and train the staff so that there would not be any possibility of any flaws in the whole process.


Food Service Managers


They work in eating establishments or restaurants. A Food Service Manager makes sure that customers are completely satisfied with the food service of the hotel. Doing a diploma in Hotel management can be an ideal choice for those who want to grab such positions.


Event Planners


These professionals organize events for clients. An “Event Planner” takes care about everything whether is about food service or other associated service related to the customer.




Earning a degree in Hotel management can open several doors for the individuals having a real passion to be in the domain. One can be appointed both in national and international companies after completing the degree from an established institute.

Why It Is Beneficial To Opt For Diploma In Hotel Management

The Diploma in Hotel Management is an educational program specially designed for the students who aspire to pursue a career in hospitality and tourism domain. Those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills can even go for further studies after completing their diploma degree.


The Hotel Management diploma course is a nine months institutional training, which covers a wide range of subject areas. It includes several things such as understanding of the food & beverage industry, hospitality industry, management, finance and customer service, etc. Those who are planning to pursue a degree in hotel management, they can enroll for some of the best hotel management colleges in Dehradun.


The objective of Diploma in Hotel Management:


It helps in developing understanding in students associated with the hospitality business.
To provide the required knowledge and skills to pursue a career in the hospitality and tourism industry. Prepares students for further studies in the same discipline.


The course has been designed for:

Diploma in Hotel Management is beneficial for the middle and secondary school-leavers who are interested in gaining knowledge and skills to get good opportunities in hospitality, tourism and event sectors. Students who want to pursue a Hotel Management course, they should start preparing a list of some of the best colleges for Hotel management diploma and enroll.


What are the career prospects available for the Hotel management degree holders?


Lots of career opportunities are available for the people who hold a degree in Hotel Management. Here, you can have a look at some of them:


Can be a Hotel Manager


The work of a hotel manager to look at day-to-day activities of a hotel and is responsible for managing the profitable operations. They are the mediator between the top level management and between the workers. A Hotel Manager is responsible for checking regular services, financial operations, and food quality. The salary package that Hotel managers obtain would be between 3.5Lac to 20Lac depending upon the size of the hotel.


Executive Chef


These professionals are responsible for preparing the food at the hotel. The head of the department is responsible for alterations made in the food. The average pay scale of the Executive Chef would be around 9 lac.


Front Office Manager


A Front Office Manager is responsible for coordinating between the reservations and room assignments. They take care of customer satisfaction and manage other related tasks. These professionals do supervision of the hotel staff & reservation clerk. Also, they troubleshoot emergencies issues. The average monthly salary offered to a Front Office Manager is around 3.5Lacs.


Food & Beverage Manager


These professional do financial management of supplies and stock needed by a hotel over a certain period of time. A Food and Beverage manager usually forecast and control the ordering of food and beverage items. They manage everything like purchasing, monthly stock takes, and finance related tasks of food and beverage. They even get handsome salary after gaining relevant experience.


Assistant Sales Manager


These professionals are responsible to increase the guest counts and to drive expected profit within a certain period of time. A Sales Manager can even assist in taking interviews. The average salary of an Assistant Sales Manager will be Rs 4.5Lac per annum.




Hotel Management is a versatile domain, where people can be designated on different posts. Those who are looking for a bright career ahead, they should definitely pursue their career in the hospitality domain.


Give An Accurate Path To Your Career By Opting Bachelor In commerce

These days, the demand for higher education is increasing so, in the fight of being number one, almost every candidate aims to select a career which offers great job opportunities. There are many streams which are getting popularity among students. One such stream is commerce that is coming with endless options for students. Keeping all these things in mind, most of the students are opting for commerce degree from a reputed B.Com college in Dehradun.


Select B.Com degree to have a bright future!


There are numerous M.Com colleges in Dehradun that are offering quality education to students all across the globe. These days, the demand for people with knowledge in commerce background is skyrocketing. Thus, enrolling in B.Com course can be highly beneficial for students.


Although, before taking admission in the commerce degree course, the students must have a clear idea of the benefits they can get from the same.

Let’s have a look at these points:

B.Com degree is designed to provide the students with managerial skills in disciplines related to commerce. With this course, students will get a chance to gain an in-depth knowledge of core subjects like law, marketing, statistics, accounting, and finance.

There are many benefits which you can obtain after this course such as:


Prepared for both entrepreneurship and corporate employment:


Candidates who possess a B.Com degree are well prepared to support as a corporate employee. After this course, they have the knowledge of adapting to the changes in the flexible business world which would help them to work in the business world’s market. If a student plans to start his own business then it can run it successfully without hiring an expert accountant.


Optimistic career:


In today’s business world, everyone needs a commerce specialist to run their business. They may hire B.Com students because they have a good understanding of how the financial aspects of a business need to be managed.


Career panorama:


After completing B.Com or M.Com degree, a student can explore numerous career options. Students can look for career prospect in different domains such as Banking, Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Accountancy, Economics and much more.


Job Profile:


Once you have completed your degree, you can select your desired profile from many options available. Candidates can choose any profile option such as Accountant, Tax Auditor, Finance Planner, Portfolio Manager, Investment Analyst, Finance Controller, Stock Broker, Economist, Auditor and much more.



To sum up, enrolling in B.Com course communicates basic knowledge about commerce. These courses open various job options in front of the students. Once you complete this course from a recognized university then it allows you to work in both the private and public sector.

B.Com course focuses on the factors that drive economic behavior at both an individual and organizational level. The course has been designed after having consultation with representatives from leading organizations, ensuring you graduate with an industry-relevant degree.


So, go ahead and enroll in a reputed B.Com college in Dehradun and fulfill your dreams.